Upgrading Your Floor on Budget


The floor of the home gets constant wear and tear, especially if you have children and inside pets. Carpet especially tends to wear and age quickly when it is in a high traffic area. The floor is a part of the house that is very visible, so if yours is making you think of calling a removal company like Brilliance Removalists, why not upgrade? It will really make a big difference to the look and feel of your home – and add value into the bargain.

There are many flooring choices; some of them more budget friendly than others. For instance, these days vinyl floor coverings come in many grades and the more expensive ones are top quality, durable and look great – and are still cheaper than other kinds of flooring.  If you choose one that should be glued down, there will be no buckling when the weather gets hotter, as you find in some of the loose lay types.

Loose lay vinyl

The theory behind the loose lay vinyl sounds good. If it is not glued down it can expand and contract and you won’t even notice. It reality, the furniture prevents this movement to some extent. It anchors down part and when the rest expands there is suddenly a very noticeable buckle along the floor. However, if the loose lay vinyl is really thick, it may not buckle, especially if the room it is in does not get sunlight on the floor.

Glued down vinyl
Vinyl that is glued down cannot move at all, so it provides a surface that is stable and firm and looks good all the time. You don’t have to polish it like the old linoleum of grandma’s day; the shine on the surface will last forever. It is easy to maintain – simply vacuum or damp mop and you are done.

Vinyl can be laid down over almost any surface with minimal preparation. However, for the best result, squares of flooring masonite can be placed first, and this will provide a surface that is flat and even.

Underlay is important

Many vinyls require a particular type of underlay and this step should never be left out. The underlay helps to protect the vinyl and it makes the floor even softer to walk on. If you or your toddler had a fall on it, you would not get quite so hurt as you would on a hard, tiled floor. It is also kinder to walk on for those with painful hips and knees.

Vinyl comes in an amazing range of colours and textures. Some mimic a wood grain, while others look like tile. Or you can get an overall pattern in many different shapes and colours. Thus, it is a very versatile floor covering that could make your home look amazing.