Trends in Kitchen Design that You Will Love


There are many different trends in kitchen design according to Colray Cabinets, but not all are suitable for everyone and some may be so faddish that your kitchen will date really quickly. Since the kitchen costs quite a bit to renovate, you don’t want to risk it becoming so passé within a few years so that you have to do it all over again.  When you have an experienced designer for your kitchen you can be sure that the design will last a long time and suit your needs.

Here are some trends in kitchen design that you are sure to love.

  • Simply white.  Statistic show that white has gained in popularity over the last decade and looks set to stay that way. White not only makes the kitchen look and feel lighter and larger, it is easy to keep clean, especially when it comes to appliances. White appliances are much more popular than stainless steel with its mirror like finish that shows every smudge. So you can’t go wrong with white, but what happens if you like colour?
  • Neutral grey is the next most popular colour for kitchens. However, it can be drab or cold if it is not treated the right way. You need to add pops of warm or bright colour in accessories such as stools.

  • You can also add warm timber elements to ensure your kitchen always feels welcoming.
  • Small is big on many occasions. When adult children live at home or aged parents move in, a secondary, smaller kitchen may be installed. Small apartments require smaller kitchens and many people who downgrade like the idea of a smaller kitchen, especially if they find it difficult to get around. Smaller appliances will prevent it from feeling or looking overcrowded.
  • Granite counter tops are out while quartz is in. Granite was big a few years back – then people realised it had to be sealed every year. Quartz looks just as good with many colours and patterns to choose from. It is much tougher and more stain resistant and no sealing is needed so that saves money.
  • LED lighting is the way to go these days. LEDs never get hot so you can keep them on all night. They can be used for spot lighting under and inside cupboards. They last about 50,000 hours, much longer than CFLs.
  • Another favourite trend that makes a great deal of sense is the oven with a side-opening door installed at counter height. It’s far more accessible than those higher ones. Hopefully there will be a child proof lock on it.
  • Deep drawers that slide out instead of cupboards that break your back to find stuff in. Again, something that is so simple, yet makes using the kitchen so much easier.