Cut Glare with a Pergola

The rise in popularity with people getting pergolas installed in the homes is because many people who live in the south or southwest areas of Australia find that the windows of their homes let in a great deal of glare. There are two main reasons for this.

  1. The sun is at a much lower angle in those areas
  2. The home was not oriented to take advantage of the best angle

There is not much you can do about the sun, but there are several things that can be done to cut the glare.  Using blinds is not always the answer, because then the rooms become too dark. Even Venetian blinds don’t work well because that glare is so blinding it still shines in through the narrow gaps between the slats.

Awnings don’t always work

Many homes in those areas have external awnings that help, but these are not always very attractive to look at, from the inside or the outside. Growing a tree or shrub may also help, but this may not be possible, depending on how much room there is outside. Usually the fence prevents anything that would be large and bushy enough to do any good.

Benefits of a pergola

In some cases, a pergola would work to cut the glare from the main windows, without taking out all the light as well. The pergola would need to have shade cloth over the sides and top rather than just beams. Shade cloth cuts both heat and glare with its tiny holes that let in filtered light. Then there is the shade created by the plants you grow in the pergola.

You can have hanging pot plants or climbing plants – or both – to create a haven of restful green that can be enjoyed from inside the home instead of that harsh glare.  Pretty flowers will add to the enjoyment and you will be able to swing back those curtains that made the room too dark and enjoy the view. This will be far more pleasant that seeing a fence and someone else’s rooftop – when you can see anything at all for the glare.

Cool shade and relief from glare

It will also create cool shade against the wall of the house that will help to keep temperatures down in the heat of summer. You can sit outside in the pergola whenever the weather is kind enough and enjoy the outdoor haven you have created.  You will be able to grow many more of those delicate plants and flowers that like partial shade and shelter.

A pergola is one way to create a mini-climate and take control of the weather at least to some small extent. With the very hot summers and very cold winters that such places suffer from, having a pergola is one good way to cope.