What Sort Of Website Should Your Renovation Company Have Designed?

What Sort Of Website Should Your Renovation Company Have Designed?

Given that most renovation projects will take time and require a considerable financial investment, all prospective clients are going to conduct a significant amount of research before choosing a renovation company. Much of that research will take place online and if your website design is poor or the website is lacking the elements a renovation company’s website should have, they are not going to choose your company.

Professional Perth web designers comments that given recent worldwide events, many more people, who would previously avoid the internet, have had no choice but to use it, and so the habit of using the internet is growing at a pace faster than ever before. If your renovation company’s website is not one that turns those who are browsing online into leads for your business, your business is going to lose out to its competition.

For that major reason alone, you should seriously consider having a new website design for your renovation company. The next question is what should be included in that design, and whilst any website design agency will give you excellent advice on that, you should at least have an understanding of what specific design elements the website needs to have.

Easy Navigation

If you want to lose visitors before they have even seen anything worthwhile on your website, make it hard to navigate. This is one of the biggest causes of people clicking away immediately. Navigation should be clear, simple, and easy to understand, and there should be the means to get back to the ‘Home’ page on every other page within your website.

Portfolios and Projects

It may not be possible for potential clients to physically visit your completed projects, so the next best thing is to give them a visual representation of them. This means having lots of clear images of your work, but even better than that is to have videos too. Best of all is to include virtual tours of renovated properties which gives those thinking about renovating a clearer idea of the standards your company adheres to.

Services Page

Each renovation company will have a range of services which it offers, and so it is important that visitors to your new website are able to easily find out more about them. Not only can your services pages explain what you can do for clients, but they can also provide some advice to help them better understand what those services mean and how they benefit them.

Contact Page

Obviously, clients do not simply ‘buy’ your renovation services from your website, so it is important that you give them the means to contact you so that a dialogue can begin, leading to an agreed contract for renovation. A contact page with an easy to complete inquiry form will allow them to give you their details plus some information on the sort of renovation services they are looking for.

Reviews and Testimonials

With the often substantial cost of renovations being a major consideration, it is essential that those visiting your website have confidence that they are dealing with a professional company that delivers what it promises. There are few better ways to show them that than with reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

Better still, by having video testimonials from clients talking about the great job your company did, from within their renovated home allows your website visitors both hear and see for themselves, the quality of your work, and how happy you have made your past clients.