4 Great Reasons to Install Aluminium Windows


When building a home, there are many things to decide on, from the floor plan and building supplies and materials used to the size and shape of the windows. It is a good idea to choose materials that are highly durable and strong, so your home will last a long time and withstand all rigours of the various weather conditions it is likely to endure. Aluminium windows fall into this category.

Here are some reasons to install windows with aluminium frames:-

  • They are almost maintenance-free, with no painting required to keep the moisture out, like is needed for timber framed windows.
  • There are several colours available in aluminium, so you can always find one that will suit your home’s decor.
  • If you or your window cleaners spray glass cleaner on the windows, some will always fall on the painted windowsill and timber window frames. This dries the paint out and, over time, makes it peel off. Glass cleaning products don’t affect aluminium frames.
  • They are extremely strong and do not warp due to moisture, rain or dew.
  • Aluminium frames don’t crack, split or blister like timber and paint can.

  • The above points mean that this window will always be easy to open and shut as the moving pane never sticks.
  • Aluminium is easy to keep clean; a simple wipe-over with plain water is enough to bring back that new shine.
  • They are economical and affordable, being cheaper than many alternatives.
  • Both glass and aluminium are highly recyclable, so you are contributing to environmental sustainability in choosing this material.
  • When combined with energy efficient glass, aluminium frames will meet or exceed Australian energy standards, crucial in very hot or cold regions.
  • Windows with aluminium frames can be designed in many sizes, so the look of your home does not have to be limited. Instead, you can expand your house design to almost anything you desire.
  • They can be installed into brickwork, so you don’t have to have a timber surround.
  • They always look good from the inside, something not all homeowners may consider. Having aluminium frames surrounding the glass enhances it just like a frame that surrounds a picture. And in many instances, the view outside your window becomes a living picture.
  • Due to their advantages, these windows add value to your home and can become a good selling point.

So whether you are looking for a sustainable home with a small carbon footprint or just looking for strong and durable materials to include in your home, aluminium windows will undoubtedly fit the bill.