Concrete Floors

How To Tell If Your Concrete Floors Need Resurfacing

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There are lots of different buildings and facilities that have concrete floor coatings, and many of those floors may have an existing concrete floor coatings. Regardless of where it is, there will come a time when you have to assess whether or not that concrete floor is in need of any remedial work, which could include a repair, new finishing, or the application of a new coating.

The checks on concrete floors are necessary regardless of where they are, even if that is your garage at home. The last thing you want is for you to trip due to a cracked piece of concrete while carrying a container full of old oil, for example.

In retail, commercial, and industrial properties, the need for checks is even greater to the point of being a legal requirement with regards to the health and safety of employees and customers.

It could be an expensive day in court if someone sues you and your business due to an injury they received as a result of tripping on a damaged concrete floor that did not have a warning sign.

As well as health and safety reasons, a concrete floor can also be resurfaced in order to give the entire premises a fresh new look or to modernise it. Given the huge array of options that concrete floor paints and coatings now have in terms of colours and patterns, you should never be short of choices.


Why You Need to Say Goodbye to the Kitchen Sponge

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Any method and tool for cleaning in your home is good, as long as you’re cleaning, right? Wrong. While staying on top of household chores is good for body, soul, and home, there are some things that can just do more harm than good. And the ordinary kitchen sponge is one of them. Read on to learn why you should be saying ‘see ya’ to the sponge.

Germs, Germs, and More Germs

If you thought that your bathroom would be the room in your home with the most bacteria, then you’d be wrong. Yes, it does have a lot of germs, but your kitchen has even more than you might think.

In 2017, researchers from Germany carried out germ analysis on ordinary kitchen sponges. To look at them, they appeared as any regular sponges, but little did the researchers know that they would be hotbeds for bacteria.

In one sponge, those researchers identified over 350 types of bacteria, with as many as 45 billion in every square centimetre. If that doesn’t sound like a lot, then think about the average size of a kitchen sponge. Nearly five and a half trillion tiny bugs are calling your cleaning tool home.

Fortunately, none of the bacteria on the sponges in the study were harmful, but there were infection-causing pathogens, which could pose a risk to human health.

What Should I Use Instead?

If you’ve realised the error of your ways, and you want to invite a new type of cleaning tool into your home, then you can’t go wrong with a plastic brush. They lack crevices for bacteria to get stuck, and they dry out far quicker than a kitchen cloth or sponge. What’s more, they are often safe to clean in the dishwasher, which can remove bacteria that could be lurking between the bristles.


Plants for Shady Yard

Battling Shade: What Plants will Thrive in Your Shady Yard

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Many homeowners see the shady portions of their property as a nuisance. How on earth are you supposed to get anything to grow? While it can take some serious brainstorming with your landscape design company during the design process, you will quickly discover that shade can be a blessing rather than a curse.

According to Landscapers Network you should think about how effortlessly plants prosper in woodland environments. Any shady area in your property should be able to do the same. Identify the nutrient content you require, add organic matter, then choose moisture and shade-loving plants that will adore their new environment. Here are a few of the many plants that will likely thrive.

Never Never Plants

If you’re tired of the dark, doom, and gloom of your shady yard, then it could be time to invest in a never never plant. Also known as grey star, it’s a plant that prefers shade, but can also handle sunshine.

They add vibrancy and brightness to any shady area and also require minimal maintenance. Never say never to a never never plant. (more…)

Fire Safety Tips

Essential Fire Safety Tips For Your Building

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Fortunately for most employees, safety in most workplaces is regulated carefully under OHS laws. Things like fire protection and safe working practices are defined by a regulatory body – usually Worksafe – who release detailed guidelines to help you follow the law.

However, Integral Fire Protection tells us a lot of business owners still find it hard to follow fire protection laws. This could be because they aren’t sure where the responsibility lies. After all, they aren’t sure what to do because they believe that most fire safety actions are too complicated. This is not true. Fire safety is essential and should be a priority for every business owner. Some of our top fire safety tips to keep your business and employees safe include:

Make sure you have the right fire safety gear:

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have the right fire safety gear in your building. Fire extinguishers can help you control and contain small fires before they get out of hand, potentially saving you from significant financial and property losses. Some of the fire gear your building should have includes:



Plumbing – When It Is Time to Call for Professional Help

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In this modern world of DIY TV shows and magical ways to fix things at home, there comes a time when a plumbing job requires the help of a licensed plumber. Sure, there are simple problems a person can do and probably do them fairly quickly. But let’s face it: Licensed professionals have a more excellent range of jobs they can do, from basic to harsh and dangerous. If you are a DIY enthusiast who likes to repair and replace within your home but has finally come up against a curly and challenging problem, and you are unsure what to do, read on. Hiring a professional plumber is the best advice we can offer.

  • Specialist Work – Gas Lines

For instance, gas lines are an area of plumbing that should never be handled by anybody other than a licensed expert. Tradesmen in this field usually have specialized equipment for gas pressure testing and leak detection. You wouldn’t purchase equipment like that for DIY jobs. Affixing and threading pipes is also a specialist task. The equipment and expertise are not likely to be an option for an ordinary householder.


Turf Lawn

The Right Variety of Roll on Turf

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One of the challenges a homeowner has is being able to grow a full, lush lawn in an area that is mostly in the shade. When the natural conditions seem to be working against sunny growth of plants such as grass, a keen gardener and homeowner needs to look at some of the different varieties that exist to fulfil their needs. If you really want beautiful, manicured lawns, you need to visit a turf farm.

While a shady area presents a challenge, it can still be covered in a lush, dark green grass which will improve the home’s appearance and satisfy the finicky homeowner who wants that even look over the whole lawn. There are a couple of varieties of grass that do quite well in shady areas, out of the sun.


Timber Flooring

Trends in Timber Flooring

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With the help of interior design experts Light Design, we have created your full guide to trends in timber flooring.

If you’re looking at a way to revitalise the atmosphere and design in your home, then a change in the flooring is a great way to do it. There have been some definitive trends towards the use of timber flooring as a way to break out of the carpet and tile styles that have dominated the markets for so long.

Darker Stained Timber Floors – if you’re looking for some amazing contrasts of white walls or even white furnishings then a timber floor of coffee brown or even a deep black will do the trick. Dark floors tend to make the room look smaller and also show the dust more, so it’s an option for a larger room.

Timber Floor Colour Trends

Not everybody likes the darker stained timber so there has been a lean towards homeowners moving away from traditional colours and looking at a bolder impact that different woods might offer.

Blonde Timber Floor – this colour is quite the opposite extreme, but very popular as it can make a small room look much larger and brighter, especially if you have some large window space allowing in the natural light. Check with your supplier from Melbourne Building Materials about what light-coloured wood is available.


Majlis Style Lounge

7 Benefits of a Majilis Style Lounge

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A Majilis style lounge is a design that springs from Arabian culture and can be seen in the superyacht White Rabbit, designed by Sam Sorgiovanni, as well as in some of the many other yachts he has designed. It basically caters to the Arabian way of relaxation, which is to recline rather than sit.

The lounges have no legs but sit directly on the floor and are placed around three sides of the room, leaving the middle clear so people can communicate easily. However, very low tables may be included for those who find them necessary.

The Majilis style lounge is made from foam and includes comfortable cushions and dividers. The materials covering the foam are usually crafted in the kind of beautiful, rich colours that are often seen in such setting.


Freight is Safe

11 Common Sense Tips to Ensure Your Freight is Safe

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No matter what kind of freight you send, you’ll want it to arrive in good condition with no visible damage.  The first step is to choose a reliable transport company that comes highly recommended by friends, family or someone else you know and trust. Failing that, you can ask around hardware or furniture stores, or do some research online to find just the right company.

Here are 11 tips to ensure it arrives safely.

  • Packaging is the watchword if you want goods to arrive undamaged. Don’t just pack them up in any old box with a piece of string to keep it all together. Choose a box that is new or nearly new and has not been obviously battered around on other trips.
  • Choose a box with a lid, preferably one that fits down over the top and can be securely taped to the sides.
  • Tape the lid down and run the tape right around and under the box to ensure the bottom doesn’t fall out. Tape another strip over and down the un-taped side. The end of the tape should overlap the start by a few centimetres.
  • Use strong packaging tape, not the kind painters use.
  • Pack the goods with care and attention to detail. If there are any sharp points or pieces that poke out, wrap extra bubble wrap around them so they can’t penetrate the box walls.
  • Fill in all the gaps around the item with wrapping or scrunched up newspaper, and if you have multiple boxes, use more tape or cargo nets to make sure your packages are kept together.
  • Place padding on the base of the box before inserting the item, then over the top of the item before putting on the lid
  • Never over-pack a box as they are usually stacked on top of each other in the truck and this would put lots of pressure on the item.


Disguise an Ugly Fence

8 Ways to Disguise an Ugly Fence

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There is no question about it; some types of fencing are just plain ugly. If you are stuck with an ugly fence, there are some things you can do about it that don’t cost the earth, so don’t despair. You don’t always need to get fencing contractors in to change it, and sometimes you can’t if the place is a rental.

Here are eight tips to disguise a fence you hate.

  • Paint it. If the fence is made from steel panels, make sure the paint you choose suits it. Sometimes, you must wear a particular undercoat, but it is worth doing well. Otherwise, the paint might peel off in a few months, making the fence look even uglier. If the fence is made from timber, painting will also be necessary to protect it from getting wet and rotting. You might want to go for white because a white picket fence is traditional, and it goes with every other colour. But if you want something different, why not choose another colour or a combination of colours?