7 Benefits of a Majilis Style Lounge

Majlis Style Lounge

A Majilis style lounge is a design that springs from Arabian culture and can be seen in the superyacht White Rabbit, designed by Sam Sorgiovanni, as well as in some of the many other yachts he has designed. It basically caters to the Arabian way of relaxation, which is to recline rather than sit.

The lounges have no legs but sit directly on the floor and are placed around three sides of the room, leaving the middle clear so people can communicate easily. However, very low tables may be included for those who find them necessary.

The Majilis style lounge is made from foam and includes comfortable cushions and dividers. The materials covering the foam are usually crafted in the kind of beautiful, rich colours that are often seen in such setting.

Any home can include a Majilis lounge area and there can be many benefits of having one.

  • It is light and easy to move around – rearranging the furniture has never been so easy.
  • It makes the room look larger
  • In a home where there are little children, it can save them falling off a higher lounge and hurting themselves.
  • It provides an entertainment space where friends from other countries will feel more at home.
  • A Majilis lounge is very affordable because there is no frame.
  • You can really relax in that reclining position – and they make a great extra bed or two for visitors.
  • If you use it often, your legs will become stronger and more toned as you make the effort to get up off it each time.

That said, people who are not used to getting up from a lower position may find it difficult, especially older people. For this reason if your guests include people who are middle aged or older it is wise to also include lounge chairs that are easier to get up from, especially for those with arthritis.

There are many different styles of furniture that can be used to decorate your home and enhance your lifestyle. If you have a Majilis lounge you could even take it outside or onto the deck for use in fine weather to create a place for relaxation and enjoy some down time. You’d need to place protective plastic underneath so grass stains or dirt would not spoil it.

It can easily be stacked up when not in use, or if you decide that such a lounge is not really your style, and kept for spare beds when the children or grandchildren all come home to visit. It’s fun to explore the furnishing arrangements of other countries and cultures, and adapt some of their styles to suit yourself and enhance your own lifestyle.