How to Maintain Your Colorbond Roof

One of the best advantages of a Colorbond roof is that it is so easy to maintain. Usually, all that is required is rain on the roof to wash off the dust and debris that collects over time. However, there are a few other things to be aware of that will protect your roof and guttering even more.

Why debris may collect on the roof

When things are added to the roof, it can cause a build-up of leaves and debris to remain around where it is connected to the roof. If it is large enough to throw shade and you have a spell of cold, wet weather, mould can develop that causes dampness to remain on the roof and this will eventually cause rust. Items such as a satellite dish can have this effect.  It is therefore important to clean the area off every 6-12 months to ensure no damp debris remains in place. A hose down and a wipe over with a soft broom or brush should be sufficient to remove the mould.

Walking on the roof

Maintenance also includes how you walk on the roof when attending to such matters, or when putting up a TV antenna or anything similar. It is essential to walk on the strongest parts, which are the raised ridges of the steel.  You should wear rubber soled shoes such as joggers or tennis shoes and try to ensure your feet go over two or more ridges to distribute your weight more evenly.

When standing in position for any length of time, try and have your feet standing over a batten – you’ll know where they are because that is where the line of screws will be.

Gutters and eaves

If you have a Colorbond roof, the gutters and eaves will also be of the same material.  Gutters should always be kept clean of leaves and other debris that can blow into them. If there is a blockage in the gutter, water will collect there and eventually cause rust. This will happen with any metal gutter, not just Colorbond. Also, the underside of the gutters often don’t get that cleansing rain on them, so hose them down about every 6 months to ensure dust, mould and mildew don’t remain there.

Eaves that are on a shady side may also need hosing down occasionally, just to keep them clean and free of dirt and dust or pollution. This will ensure that they always look their best and will retain their colour and beauty for many years.

Many people use Colorbond as cladding or for a fence. It is essential that soil and mulch is not allowed to rest against the bottom of the sheets as this too, can cause it to rust out ahead of time.