7 Essential Tips For Maintaining And Caring For Glass Balustrading Properly

7 Essential Tips For Maintaining And Caring For Glass Balustrading Properly

One of the core attributes of glass balustrading is its durability, but, as with any product which is deemed to be ‘long lasting’, that will only be the case if it is installed by a professional glazier and looked after properly. Even the most robust of materials’ lifespans will diminish if they are not cared for. Thankfully, what is required to maintain glass balustrading is neither difficult nor expensive. So, to keep your glass balustrading good as new for as long as possible, follow these 7 essential care and maintenance tips.

Tip #1 – Clean Glass Balustrading Regularly

You probably will not be surprised to see that the first tip we highlight is to regularly clean your glass balustrading. Not only does cleaning the glass make it gleam and allow you to see through it unhindered, but it also helps to prevent a build-up of dirt and grime in any moving parts, such as hinges.

Tip #2 – Do Not Ignore The Supports

Often, homeowners will focus solely on getting the glass looking spectacularly clean and clear but overlook the fact that the supports form part of their glass balustrading too. As such, ensure you clean and maintain the supports with as much care as the glass so that they both remain in great condition.

Tip #3 – Carry Out Regular Checks For Cracks, And Chips

You should carry out spot checks regularly on all your glass balustrading with the main priority being to spot any damage such as crack or chips. If you do find them early enough the glass can usually be repaired or replaced. ignore them and they become worse, to the extent that danger may exist of the glass shattering.

Tip #4 – Ensure Individual Components Are Working Properly

The glass balustrading you have installed around your home may include door hinges, door handles, pet entries, and there may even be sections that have lighting. Whatever the specifics of those components you should check them regularly and maintain them to prolong the lifespan of your glass balustrading.

Tip #5 – Regularly Check Your Glass Balustrading’s Stability

When glass balustrading exists around stairs and balconies, for example, people tend to lean against it. Not that there is anything wrong with that per se, but it means that you must ensure that your glass balustrading is secure and stable. Any sign, no matter how minor, that any of it is weakened means it must be inspected and repaired otherwise a serious accident may occur.

Tip #6 – Never Lean Anything Heavy Against Glass Balustrading

To keep your glass balustrading in the best condition possible, you should make it a rule to everyone in your household that they must never lean anything heavy against it. Whilst glass balustrading is strong, it is not invincible and certainly not designed to have large, heavy objects propped up against them.

Tip #7 – Ensure Pets, Kids, And Adults Do Not Misuse Glass Balustrading

We titled this final tip with just dogs and kids, to begin with, but then realised adults can be just as culpable of misusing and abusing glass balustrading. Examples include climbing on it, using it to kick or throw a ball against, and jumping over it as though it was a hurdle. All risk accidents and damage to the glass balustrading so ensure everyone knows what is and what is not allowed.