Using Glass for Your Home Renovations


If you are renovating your bathroom, choosing frameless glass showerscreens is one way to add value simply and quickly. Glass can also be used in other rooms. Kitchen glass splashbacks are now very popular as they too have several benefits.

The bathroom project experts at have come up with 4 benefits you will find with glass shower screens: Here they are –

  • Often a bathroom is enhanced by a feature wall of special tiles, but this can be spoiled by a solid shower screen protruding across the area. When you walk into the bathroom you want that feature wall to be highly visible. If part of it is concealed by the shower screen the effect will be spoiled. Frameless glass will allow the full effect to be enjoyed.
  • Glass is a product that will never go out of fashion, so your bathroom will not ‘date’ over the years.
  • Glass shower screens make a small area look bigger as they allow the eye to travel to the full extent of the room, rather than being blocked by a lump of tile jutting out or even a shower curtain, both of which break visual flow. And if you are lucky enough to have a large area your bathroom will look absolutely stunning.
  • Glass is durable and easy to clean – with no frame it is even easier.

Considering the amount of cleaning that must be done in the house, knowing that the bathroom will be one of the easier rooms to clean is sure to please anyone.

There are also many advantages of having a glass splashback in your kitchen:-

  • Glass in one of the most durable materials there is, so it makes sense to use it in the kitchen for a splashback to protect your wall.

  • It gives your kitchen a clean, modern look that will never go out of date.
  • Glass is easy to clean because it is so smooth. Food splashes and even oil can be wiped off it quite easily.
  • Glass always looks good and there are many different colours to choose from, or you can have transparent glass that shows up the wall behind it for a more cohesive look.
  • Glass is heat resistant and won’t stain.
  • Glass goes with everything so no matter if your kitchen is done with tiles, timber or any other material, the splashback will still look great.
  • You don’t have to worry about making a mess because it will be so easy to clean up.

Using kitchen glass splashbacks is one way of ensuring your kitchen will always look attractive and be a room of the house you can be proud of at any time of the day or night, whether you are entertaining or just cooking for the family.