Your Choices For Who Plans And Executes Your Kitchen Renovation Company’s SEO

Your Choices For Who Plans And Executes Your Kitchen Renovation Company's SEO

Your kitchen renovation company undoubtedly has competitors in the same marketplace, so if you are to compete with them, your online marketing has to be first-class, and that includes your website ranking highly on Google. If you speak to a SEO agency, they will confirm that 60% of the traffic for any single search that comes from Google is won by those in the top 3 positions on page 1.

If you want your website to be in one of those top 3 positions then there is much you can do to achieve that, and the one which has to be given top priority is your onsite and offsite SEO. By doing so Google will not only see that your website is relevant for specific keywords, but the increasing authority that your website gains through the SEO process means that it will be rewarded by ever-improving ranking positions.

Of course, none of this can be achieved by simply pressing some magic button, and this is why high rankings on Google are so coveted, because it does take a degree of effort, time, and there is no getting away from it, financial investment. Although organic traffic from Google is often classed as ‘free’, it is only free in the sense that you do not pay per click, but you will have to pay for someone to enable your website to rise to the top of the rankings on Google

Ranking at the top of Google is achieved by utilising well-planned strategies, tactics, and tools, and no small amount of effort, and the people who are carrying out much of this are usually skilled and experienced specialists. Now, here is where there can be some divergence with respect to who those specific SEO specialists are, so let us briefly examine what your choices are for choosing who is going to plan and implement your SEO.

Someone Within Your Kitchen Renovation Company

It may well be that either you, or one of your team has some knowledge of SEO and as such you might consider that as an option. It would certainly be the cheapest option, but the question is, would it be the most effective? SEO done wrongly can have a negative impact on your ranking and even if you or an employee are able to implement some of the more basic SEO actions, once it comes to the higher-level strategies this is where catastrophic SEO errors might occur.

Individual SEO Specialists Who Work Freelance

This is a viable option if your budget is limited and if you are happy that the person working on your SEO may take some time to achieve results. We say that because although SEO freelancers are often cost-effective, highly skilled, and diligent individuals, they are just one person. The fact is at any given time you will not be their only client, so their time needs to be shared across all of them meaning your SEO is unlikely to be prioritized, thus the delays to those higher rankings.

Professional SEO Agency

These are companies who employ a team of experienced SEO specialists and therefore, in terms of cost, they are going to be the highest. However, that investment will give you several advantages including having some of the most experienced SEO specialists planning and implementing your SEO, and using many of the latest tactics, tools, and software available. They will also be able to achieve better rankings much quicker and sustain those rankings over the longer term.