Label Everything And Nine Other Awesome Tips For An Organised Pantry

Label Everything And Nine Other Awesome Tips For An Organised Pantry

If having no pantry labels to identify anything and a lack of organisation in your pantry makes working in your kitchen and preparing meals extremely difficult, you should act. After all, if you cannot find anything quickly or come across jars and containers but cannot identify what is in them, then you are playing a guessing game that wastes your time.

Thankfully, there are several solutions and if you read further you will discover ten awesome tips which should help you to organise your pantry and also be able to identify what is in every container on every shelf.

Tip #1 – Start With A Plan

Before you so much as move a tin of soup, take time to create a plan for your new pantry. In particular, map out where everything will go, such as on which shelf, in what container, and so on.

Tip #2 – Use All Kinds Of Containers

For pantry organisation, there are an almost unlimited array of containers. This allows you to choose those that suit what is being stored and helps maximise the available space.

Tip #3 – Use Clear Containers For Easy Identification

One of the container types that you should want an abundance of are clear ones. You will be amazed at how much time you will save if you can see what is inside containers rather than having to open several to discover what you are looking for.

Tip #4 – Throw Away Any Superfluous Packaging

It is frustrating to see packaging that is unnecessarily large and excessive. Throw as much packaging away as you can and put the food items from that packaging in containers as it will save a large amount of pantry space.

Tip #5 – Utilise The Pantry Doors

With space at a premium, you want to utilise every inch of it. Often overlooked, the inside of the door(s) of your pantry can be used as an additional storage area by fixing hanging organisers and bespoke shelves to it.

Tip #6 – Add Drawers If Possible

Drawers provide a great storage option for pantries; we recommend adding them if you can. Open drawers where everything can be seen are delicate and can help to keep similar food items organised.

Tip #7 – Improve The Light Levels

Although this does not directly impact your storage options, better light will make searching for and identifying everything in your pantry easier and quicker. Either install a light or change the current light for a more powerful one.

Tip #8 – Stack Items On Shelves

Many people think about their space across the length and width of their pantry, but they forget it has height too. As such, think of ways to stack items on shelves, ensuring you do not stack them too high and cannot reach them.

Tip #9 – Use Pantry Labels On Everything You Can

If you ignore the other nine tips and follow this one, your pantry will be better organised than most people’s. Pantry labels can identify containers, mark what is on shelves, and label foods for those with special dietary needs.

Tip #10 – Explain It All To Your Family

We strongly suggest that once you have your pantry organised and labelled, you explain it all to your family. If not, they may undo much of your good work when they enter the pantry and mess it up, looking for something.