How Your Family Lawyers Business Can Benefit From Online Marketing

How Your Family Lawyers Business Can Benefit From Online Marketing

Do you promote your family lawyer business online? If so, has it been effective? If not, we need to point out that many of your competitors will be, and they are gaining clients from that online marketing at your expense. Now, it might be that you have not tried online marketing before because you are unsure where to start, so we will help you make that start.

Your Online Marketing Options

You can market your family lawyer business online in dozens of ways online, but that does not mean you have to use them all. Our advice would be to like high-ranking family lawyers and start with just one of them, focus on achieving results, and then move on to another. We would also recommend that you start using one of the more mainstream digital marketing options simply because these are proven to work in almost every business niche you could mention.

Email Marketing

If you were to ask 100 digital marketers if they were told they had to give up all but one of their online marketing methods, it is a fair bet that all 100 of them would insist on being able to continue with email marketing. It is one of the oldest online marketing methods, and it is still one of the most effective today.

Emails help you to build relationships with potential clients and loyalty with current clients. It allows you to send out special promotions, provide helpful advice and information, and put you ahead of competitors who do not use email as part of their marketing strategy. Email is also one of the most cost-effective marketing tools online.

Video Marketing

Legal matters might not seem the most obvious candidate for video, but we guarantee if you go to YouTube and type in ‘family lawyer advice’, you will see plenty of videos appear. You will also note that some of those videos have over 100,000 views. Not all of them will be potential clients, and the video’s role is more than just hoping someone local watches it.

The video also plays a role in building your brand and credibility online; it boosts your SEO, and once again, if your competitors are not making and posting videos online, and you are, you are one step ahead of them.

Social Media

It would appear that everyone is on social media or, at the very least, is aware of it. One facet of social media is that people share things they find interesting, unusual, entertaining, or informative. That means if you post content that ticks one of those boxes, you have a chance of it being seen by many people.

Done effectively and used to target local audiences primarily, you can use social media to build a large following, many of which will potentially go a stage further and become a client when they need the services of a family lawyer that is local to them or recommend you to someone they know who does.


To some online marketers, having a website appear as #1 for a search on Google is the holy grail of digital marketing, and it is fair to say that if you can achieve it, you will have more traffic coming to your website. The primary means of doing so is SEO, which will optimise your website and other factors offsite so that Google ranks you highly for specific search terms, or keywords, as they are called. This is not a quick fix and requires patience, but the rewards are worth it.

Pay Per Click Advertising

If you want to see traffic increase to your website almost immediately, then pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is your best option. Here, you choose specific keywords, enter what you are prepared to pay for each click, and then create a small ad persuading those searching to click on them. Each click takes them to your website, where if your content and design are optimal, they will hopefully become paying clients.