How to Design Your Outdoor Space to Suit Your Climate


Outdoor spaces that are designed especially for the family to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine are popular these days. They offer a chance to change your location from indoors to outside without sacrificing too much in the way of convenience and comfort. The right kind of outdoor furniture plays a big part in ensuring your space is right for you, but you also have to design the space to suit your local climate, otherwise the best furniture will be of no use.


For instance, if you live in a temperate climate you will very likely be able to enjoy being outside for most of the year, although not always at night in the winter. Most temperate climates don’t have snow and there are many days in the winter that are sunny and mild enough to be outside.

In the summer, the days can be too hot for sitting in the sun, so your outdoor space will need some kind of shade. This can be from a nearby tree, a shade sail or a proper roof. You may also need protection from a prevailing cold or hot wind by adding a decorative wall or clear plastic blinds on that side. You could also add a chiminea or some other kind of heating to extend the length of time your outdoor space can be used for.


In a tropical climate the heat and humidity are much greater, so you’ll need shade that is denser than that provided by a tree or shade cloth. But in the tropics, rain and storms are more likely, so you will also need to provide a solid roof and at least two walls if you live in a windy area, to stop the rain blowing in.  There will likely be no need to add any form of heating, and if you add a barbecue or other kind of cooking device that throws heat, place it away from the sitting area.

Colder regions

People in mountainous or colder regions will need a lot more additions to their outdoor living area to get the best use out of it. Heating is essential if you want to be out there in the evenings. Even in the summer this may be needed. Design your outdoor space with fire pit, a chiminea or some other kind of heating.

A roof and walls to give protection against the wind will also be essential. Brick is a good solid material to have in such a setting. The outdoor furniture you purchase will need to withstand cold rain, sleet, snow, ice and all kinds of weather.

By considering these things you will have the best outdoor space and furniture to suit your climate.