8 Ways to Disguise an Ugly Fence

Disguise an Ugly Fence

There is no question about it; some types of fencing are just plain ugly. If you are stuck with an ugly fence there are some things you can do about it that don’t cost the earth, so don’t despair. You don’t always need to get fencing contractors in to change it and sometime you can’t, if the place is a rental.

Here are 8 tips to disguise a fence you hate.

  • Paint it. If the fence is made from steel panels, make sure the paint you choose is suitable for it. Sometimes you have to put on a special undercoat, but it is worth doing well, otherwise the paint might just peel off in a few months, making the fence look even uglier. If the fence is made from timber, painting will also be necessary to protect it from getting wet and rotting. You might want to go for white, because a white picket fence is traditional and it goes with every other colour. But if you want something a little different, why not choose another colour, or a combination of colours?

  • Grow a vine over it. You’ll have to be careful to contain the vine if the fence forms a boundary with the neighbour’s property. Not all people want to have their neighbour’s plants in their yard. You can also grow tall shrubs or flowers in front of it, or train a shrub along it.
  • Place attractive pot plants in front of it. If you don’t have much room or energy to grow a garden, pot plants can be an attractive option. Make sure the pots are truly attractive as they are an important part of the whole. Then when the plants stop flowering, you’ll still have something nice to look at. Note: don’t place pot plants in front of the pool fence as children can climb up over the fence using them as a step.
  • Place other garden ornaments in front of it. Statues, gnomes, animals – you name it. There are many beautiful and whimsical statues for the garden these days.
  • Add a roll of bamboo fencing to the inside of the fence to cover it up. Bamboo fence is easy to install, especially where there is a backing already in place.

  • Add a water feature to it. Choose the kind of feature with a straight back, or add a combination of pots, plants and ornaments in and around it.
  • If you have children, place their play equipment in front of the ugly fence so you will be looking at them playing rather than at the fence.
  • String rolls of plastic flags or other kinds of decorations along it. The kids will think it fun, especially if you have their play equipment out there. You could also tie some rows of it from the fence to the play equipment to make a sort of tunnel for them to run under.