8 Advantages of Choosing Light Garden Pots


Whether you have a high-rise apartment with a balcony, or live at ground level growing plants in pots is something that many people take great enjoyment in. Older people find digging and weeding in a garden difficult, so turn to using garden pots for their gardening needs. High rise dwellers don’t have any option but to use pots for their gardening activities.

There are several advantages to choosing light pots for your gardening activities: –

  • One trouble with many pots is their weight. If you suffer from a bad back, lifting a heavy pot is impossible – sometimes it’s impossible even if you don’t have a bad back. Moving the pot and plant together is a job that requires a lot of muscle. A lighter pot is much easier to move without risking injury.
  • If you live in a high rise there are usually load limits to balconies. A heavy pot filled with potting mix and a well grown plant could well exceed that limit. Certainly, several pots are likely to. Knowing that you are even close to the limit would make you want to stay off the balcony in case it all went tumbling down.
  • Lighter pots are much easier to move around on the balcony so you can adjust the position of those potted plants as they grow to take advantage of the sun or the shade, whichever is needed.
  • You can move it more easily when you need to sweep or clean behind or under it.
  • There is no need to worry about the load limit, so you can sit in peace and enjoy your plants and the sun or cool breeze in the evenings.

  • When it comes time to change the potting mix or the plant, you can move the pot or lift it up onto a chair to make planting a new shrub easier.
  • You can have a light pot on the balcony table without worrying that it might collapse under the weight.
  • You can get a much larger pot – or two – and they won’t be much heavier than a small heavier pot, thus there are more opportunities to plant a wide variety of plants. You can also have lots of smaller ones instead of limiting yourself to just one or two.

Gardening in pots is fun and can get you out in the fresh air, but to avoid disappointment in growing your plants, choose them carefully to suit the conditions. If your balcony is in shade most of the day choose ferns and other shade loving plants. If it is exposed to the hot sun and wind, plants that are tough will be needed. Find out where the plant originates from. Australian natives are ideal, but plants from Mexico and other hot countries will also grow well.